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Sparkles needs a good home, I got her for my birthday present, but due to me never being home all the time, either traveling, or working late, I never have the time to play with her or take good care of her like I wanted, so she has been staying with my sister. She needs a home where she can get a lot love. She has a lot of energy and you will just love her. I am very picky with my choices because I really want a good home for her. She is 7 months old and updated with all her shots. She love everyone and she is very protective. You will just fall in love with her at first sight. Email me for more info. 

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So I have not have time to do any photo shoot, however I did this shoot during Halloween. What do you think, shop similar dresses below. Have a good day.
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Have a beautiful day!!! Shop look below 
Wedding Favorites
Hey guys,

As you guys know I got engaged about 2 month ago and I have been doing some planning, nothing major because most likely the wedding will be in 2017, so I have a little time to plan.
Hey guys,
Quick post today. I hope you are having a good day. Enjoy your week.
Hey guys, 

Its fall, right now it is not too cold or hot, however the leaves are falling and everything is just so beautiful. For this fall I want something basic. I think pairing basic white top with a busy pant makes this look. I wore this outfit to church last Sunday and I had couple people that like the style. What do you think about the pant? 
  Hey guys, 
Yes we are finally in Fall. Bye bye summer, it’s sad, however, I love the colors that the tree leaves turn to. The weather was perfect today in the high 60s. This crop top was a actually a top I got from HM a while back and the skirt is custom made by your truly (meee). This look is soft but yet playful and the background speaks for itself. Happy Wednesday.
 Now that is time for fall im trying to take advantage of all the amazing tree leaves. Here is another quick post. Have an amazing week.

This is an old suit dress I got from a vintage store. I absolutely love it. My niece told me I look like a flight attendant. Have a great week.  
Hi everyone, So i decided to match this skirt with many different tops and i have to say they came out really great. Here is one of the look. More look coming soon.

 Happy Monday!!!!
Wearing all lip colors can be challenging especially if you are a person of beautiful luxurious dark skin tone. Since some of our lips are naturally brown, this makes it hard to show the full effect color of the lip stick. The best trick is to use a concealer after you moisturize your lips. Here are quick few steps to wearing all lip colors.  
 Hey Guys, have a great week.
Hey Guys,

So today is Nigeria Independent’s day. Now it has been 55 years that we got our independent. What I have on here was a present from my sister. I actually have this dress in both Pink and Blue color. I may post the Blue color one of this days. I can’t believe it is already fall. Noooo……what happen to my summer, I feel like it went by so fast. Have a great week, and Happy independents day we Nigerians. 

Hey guys, Happy Monday. Enjoy your week. 
Everyone needs that white and black skirt in there closet. Even though we are in the fall it is not too late to pull out those skirt in your closet. Personally, I love length skirt anything shorter I think makes me feel uncomfortable. Here is a quick post, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day.  Tomgfashion

Skirt Similar here
Alright, as we all know summer is about over. I am clinging to whatever sun we have left. I can’t believe it is getting so cold already. I can't believe it. The weather at this time is the best, however, I know this will not last for a long time. I got this top a while back at Macys, I am not sure if they are still carry the same brand, but I am sure you should be able to find something similar. If you live around Red Run in Baltimore the Macys at that location is closing, indicating that everything is on sale. I actually did not know about the sales until recently. Everything is 20-40% off, of course except the fragrance and make up.   

Hey Guys,

It has been a while, i have been so busy for some reason or the other. About a week ago i got engaged. This is a dress i got a while ago, i can't really remember when. When i get more information on this dress i will surely post it.

Have a great week

Hey guys,
Here are quick 8 steps to take a good selfie.
To take a good selfie takes work, but at the same time you just need to have the right environment. Taking a good selfie is all about the natural lights around you. So, let's get begin

Hey guy, I know it has been a while, but i have been so busy with wedding and other things that goes with it. No i am not getting married. I took this shot indoors and i was playing with the shot and i came up with this. 
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