Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hey Guys,

So today is Nigeria Independent’s day. Now it has been 55 years that we got our independent. What I have on here was a present from my sister. I actually have this dress in both Pink and Blue color. I may post the Blue color one of this days. I can’t believe it is already fall. Noooo……what happen to my summer, I feel like it went by so fast. Have a great week, and Happy independents day we Nigerians. 

Also, I am trying to do some studio shoot, it a little different than shooting outside, but the pictures will get better. I actually set up a back room in my apartment to do this, one of the challenges I face is the fact that natural light is everything. I work early in the morning to late at night, by the time I leave my apartment the sun is just coming up and by the time I get back home its dark outside. I will keep practicing, let me know what you guys think. Have a Great Week


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