Sequin always comes with sparkles that make you look elegantly stylish. They come in pants, tops, gowns, shoes, maxi dresses, and accessories. Meanwhile, sequins have become one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years, notably sequin pants and tops. Another plus for sequin dresses is that they are super easy to style and can also be dressed up or down for formal, semi-formal, or casual outings. We currently offer the best-quality sequin pants and tops for any occasion, be it winter, summer, or even the holidays. 

We also have various dresses and accessories in stock to complete your look with your sequin top and pant. They are lined with a satin feel material, so they aren't scratchy at all, and they're pretty stretchy, so they're easy and comfortable to wear all day. Limited stock is available. Grab yours from our store while it lasts. 

Now let's show you some exciting ways to style your sequin pants and tops.




How to style your sequin pant 

Sequin outfits are stunning, whether it's a dinner party, a holiday party, or a new year's celebration. You can combine sequin pants with other dresses of matching color. Meanwhile, sequin pants match a variety of tops. Choose the preferred top that effortlessly combines well with your sequin pants and makes you feel free and comfortable. Wearing a sequin jacket over your shoulder also makes you look elegantly stylish. 
Pull up in a sequin outfit and spark the night away, looking gorgeous and sexy with tops that show off enough skin. Sequin pants come with unique sparkles that make you look effortlessly beautiful.
Sweaters also go well with sequin pants, especially in the winter or if you're going somewhere cold.
You can also complete your sequin outfit with heels such as strapped heels while choosing a complementary heels color but always keep it simple and classy.
Boots, particularly bulky boots, are an excellent choice if you really like to go for boots.
You can also go all out in sparkles with sequin boots.

How to incorporate a top to your sequin pant 

Sequin tops really work well with a pair of Jeans. However, it will help if you keep the color balanced and straightforward. You can dress it up by adding a befitting jacket. Heels or sneakers always look good with sequin tops. Sequin tops are not just unique but also beautiful. The sparkles bring out the beauty. You can layer sequin tops with a jacket or blazer. Bags are also essential accessories to complete the look. Wearing sequin tops are fun ways to feel absolutely special. They are perfect for both night and day. You might even go for sequin shoes to match your sequin tops, making you shine and light up the room in style. A pair of skinny black jeans and a light-colored blazer also work well.
Bodysuits can also make an excellent addition to your sequin pants or top, likewise blazers.
It's fun pairing sequin tops with blazers, especially if you are going out to a colder place.

Adding accessories to your sequin pant and top

Adding matching accessories will help complete your look. Accessories like earrings, chains, necklaces, statement rings, and pearls can be easily combined with your sequin outfit. Just keep it simple and stylish. These accessories will put the finishing touches on your outfit.
A sequin waistband or belt can also emphasize your curves. 

Don't forget to add a lovely bag that combines well with your outfit, giving you an elegantly stylish appearance. 

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Valentine's Day is around the corner, more like in a couple of days. I know you want to look fabulous for your partner or loved one and stay on budget (I personally love a great deal). But, even if you are at home with your partner, friends, and family, you definitely still want to wear something nice and chic that will keep you in the valentine's mood all Day long. 


Tiered Piping Maxi Dress || Floppy Hat || Red Bottom Fedora || Over-Sized Sunglasses || Aviator sunglass

You don't want to be left out of the valentine groove and chills just because you couldn't pick a suitable dress for Valentine's Day outing. Valentine's Day is special; it's a day for showing love affection and giving out gifts to loved ones. So let's get to the needy greedy. This tiered piping maxi dress is a perfect outfit for Valentine's Day. It's free, light-weight, flowy, and stylish with a full length. 

You can wear it to reach just above your ankles or to the floor. Its hue material and design scream Valentine. I know that the way I dress plays a big part in my mood. That's why we selected this Tiered piping maxi dress, which is ideal for Valentine's Day.

Our Tiered piping maxi dress comes with the perfect color and design for Valentine's Day celebrations. With a Gorgeous front slit and button front details. It comes in two different colors, rust and floral. It's just such an elegant, classy, and stylish look for any outing. It's not only perfect for Valentine's Day, but any occasion such as summer, going out to the beach, holidays, or evening wear. This maxi dress is versatile, and the possibilities are endless. 


Let's get into how to style our Tiered piping maxi dress.

1. One way of styling your tiered piping maxi dress is by adding suitable accessories. Accessories play a big role in any outfit. Accessories are about complementing your look. Incorporating a hat, necklace, glasses, bracelet, belt, and so on elevates your look. Incorporating a structured hat or a floppy hat are good options. A red bottom fedora hat will also complete this look. It's well befitting on your maxi dress and makes you look sophisticated and stylish for Valentine's day outing.


2. Another way to style your tiered maxi dress is by adding a belt. Utilizing a belt will add a more stylish and sophisticated appearance to your outfit. Belts add definition to your waist as well. Complement it with a matching necklace, and you are good to go for that valentines date.

Dress it up or down with flats or heels. Jackets or shirts make a wonderful addition to your tiered piping maxi dress outfit. They make you look stunning and elegant. You can dress it down with a short jacket or shirt. Add a blazer or a white button-down shirt underneath to create that sophisticated and formal or semi-formal look. 

There are various sizes, colors, and designs available for you to choose from. I personally love the rust color for Val and the floral for summer. We also have a wide range of accessories, including fedora hats, floppy hats, necklaces, belts, and bracelets to complement your look.

You can also reach out to us for more tips on styling your maxi dress. We have amazing sales going on.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tiered Piping Maxi Dress || Floppy Hat || Red Bottom Fedora || Over-Sized Sunglasses || Aviator sunglass

December is always fun; it's one of the most celebrated months of the year! But, as we all know, Christmas is just around the corner, and you have already received countless Christmas parties to attend. You are also probably freaking out because you do not know what to wear to the party (oh no!!!). But, you don't have to worry about that because we have come up with some helpful tips for you to turn up your Christmas party in style.

  Firstly, what type of Christmas/party is it? Are you required to dress casually, semi-formally, or formally? You would not want to be casually dressed, only to get there and find out that the dress code is formal. So you need to get the dress code right. Once you do, all you need are the tips on what to wear and how to wear them.

Get The Look Below!!!

1. You have to pick the right matching color: 
Gold, silver, wine, and/or white are generally the go-to colors for individuals who don't like the traditional red and green Christmas colors. Bright, bold colors go well with white. But, of course, pink, green, and yellow colors also go well with white.
You can pair a white top with a bright-colored skirt and heels, and you are good to go for your semi-formal Christmas party. But, of course, you can also combine pastel colors like peach, baby blue, lavender and still look all chic for the party.

In matching the right apparel color, it is crucial to be careful when combining different types of prints. For example, if you wear a striped shirt, I would try to avoid a leopard or snake print skirt (send a picture if you do this successfully). Instead, limit print on print and combine it with solid colors, that way, it neutralizes the print. An example is this leopard print chiffon blouse paired with a faux brown leather skirt; we incorporated a pair of nude heels to complement it. It makes the perfect outfit for a formal Christmas party.

Get The Look Below!!! 
2. Let us get into this colorful dress shirt - You can never go wrong with a dress shirt: when in doubt, a dress shirt is always a good alternative. It can be styled to suit a formal party, a semi-formal party, and even dressed down for a casual party - it plays multiple roles. But, of course, it is also crucial to choose suitable accessories to complete your outfit. 
For a formal Christmas party, you can pair it with stockings, chunky or slim heels, a clutch bag, sunglasses, and show off those legs.

This multicolored dress shirt is currently one of the fastest-selling items at our store. It's such a simple piece, yet it makes a powerful, bold statement. Add sunglasses to get a bossy stylish look. You may also combine this shirt dress with a ripped jean jacket to dress it down for a casual gathering. The jean jacket presents a relaxed look on it. Pairing it with a pair of sneakers simply makes it more suitable for that semi-formal Christmas party. 

3. Picking the right accessories is everything: Accessories are not only limited to earrings, bangles, or necklaces. Accessories also consist of sunglasses, hats, belts, footwear, bags, scarves, and much more. 

For example, a multicolored clutch bag goes with virtually anything. Oversized jewelry pieces easily stand out; thus, they must be worn in moderation. Another accessory is Fedora: Our red bottom fedora style never gets old - we have every style imaginable. Both males and females can wear it. It can be that piece of accessory you need to spice up your Christmas party look.

Get The Look Below!!!

4. Finally, add layers: Leather jackets, jean jackets, blazers, and PVC coats are a few of the clothing you can wear to layer your dress. These pieces of apparel add style and elegance to your outfit and give off a chic aura. 

You can layer with a jean jacket or leather jacket for a casual party. For a formal party, you can layer with a blazer. The graffiti rock punk leather jacket currently in stock at our store can be rocked with high-waisted jeans. It can also be rocked with a dress. 

5. Skirts and Pants: Skirts and pants can be combined with different types of tops to give you that casual look, a semi-formal look, or a formal look you need for your Christmas party. When wearing a heavy skirt such as a tulle skirt, pair it with a tight-fitted top. When wearing a top with statement sleeves, pair it with a fitted dress or pants.

In Conclusion: With us cheering you on, you do not have to worry about what to wear for that upcoming Christmas party, birthday, baby shower, wedding, you name it. Instead, we've got some trendy and stylish clothing just for you, as well as some ideas on how to rock them for any event. 
All these items are currently in stock at our store, and guess what; We are currently running our end-of-the-year holiday sale - buy one and get one at 50% off all December 2021 long-use promo code HOLIDAY2021. So do not sleep on it and place your orders before our sales end - we have minimal inventory. 

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The amount of love I have for Fedoras. I'm always having a bad hair day so guess what - I always cover up my hair. I have what they call 4C hair. It's sometimes almost impossible to comb. It's always tangled and nothing really makes my face stands out. I mean you can wear a scarf, but, really- a scarf - well there are multiple ways to style that; however, that's a discussion for another day. So, let's get down to the topic: The best fedoras for 2022. There are different types of Fedoras, the one I'm going to cover in this topic is the red bottom fedoras; however, I will slightly go over other Fedoras as well. All the fedoras I'm going over today are available to purchase on my website here. 

  1. Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, and the days are becoming shorter. Fedora is a great way to fully immerse yourself in Fall wear. Don't get me wrong, Fedoras are great for the cold seasons, but they are also great for the warm seasons. sometimes it's all about choosing the right color. For Fall, I will opt for a camel, wine, gray, purple, chocolate, emerald, red, army green, black, or orange fedora. 
    1. First, black goes with practically everything; therefore, it's the perfect color for any occasion.
    2. Camel is a Fall color; I'm sure that you see many people wearing camel color coats in the Fall and Winter. You can style camel fedoras with natural color tones. Add a natural tone pant, white shirt, basiccolors are great with camel, brown, or chocolate color fedoras. 
    3. When the leaves change colors, they switch to that beautiful yellow and orange colors. An orange Fedora is perfect - it's also a great color for Halloween. 
    4.  Amy green or emerald colors remind me of the military. It's such a beautiful yet powerful color, and it's perfect for the winter season. 
    5. Oh, don't forget about the white fedoras. You can wear white after Labor Day; I'm really not sure where - "don't wear white after labor day" comes from, especially when your fedora is two-tone.

    2. The other Fedora colors are perfect for warm seasons. Anything from black, turquoise, pink, lime, purple, blue, yellow, magenta, etc.

    1. Any other color works well in summer; honestly, there are no beauty standards. Pink fedoras are great for baby showers, birthdays, weddings - you name it.
    2. Lime fedoras are elegant for private parties, discos, fun, colors; there are no limits to what color fedora you can wear. Really - don't limit yourself to colors - just do you- haha. 
    3. Purple - I absolutely love this color; it's such a fun color. This is also a great color for Fall. All my fedoras are two tones - meaning I have this purple in - purple/ red and purple/yellow - absolutely fantastic. 
    4. It's your world, baby- we are just living in it - go crazy - wear whatever color you want.

Then we have added little accessories to the two-tone fedora, and we are a GO. But technically, accessories that go over our neck, but the one that's embedded in our fedoras. So really, you can choose whatever you want. I'm going to stop here; I have so many ideas in my head. But, darn it, all that greens. Stay in school, kids. Get your two-tone fedora here. 

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