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Loving this red dress with simple bet. I am going to get right into the post, this is such an elegant dress incorporated with a simple spring pump and matching clutch. This dress brings out your curves and you will look nothing short of elegant. Check out my website for similar dresses and much more.

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So Ladies, this dress is a must. I tried to keep it simple and add my red bottom pump which obviously is my new favorite pumps. There is not much to say about this dress because it speaks for itself. I incorporated a skinny waist belt to add a touch of sparkle and a gold bracelet. Adding a pale pink lips keeps it gorgeous and the entire look fresh. So for Mothers day, if you are planning something nice for mom, then this is the prefect dress. This dress is fabulous with a pump or a open toe heel. One more thing, this dress is only $17.00, grab it before it's all gone.

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Timi Ruffle chic Dress || Vintage Metal waist belt || Sunglasses


Hello there!

There are couple ways to update your little black dress, which is an essential MUST have in any closet. There is no way to dress this dress down, however you can definitely add to it. THEREFORE, I have here for you 10 ways to update your little black dress.
 1.       Add a statement necklace; you can never go wrong with a great necklace piece.
2.       Add a bomber or leather jacket; this just gives your entire outfit another perspective.
3.       Include a metal belt, gold, silver, red, or in my case, I incorporated a black and gold belt, however other metal belt will bring the entire outfit to life. This is also the perfect way to show off your gorgeous figure.
4.       You can add a long colorful coat to your outfit.
5.       You can add layers to this outfit, like a mesh or fishnet bodysuit to change the entire look. Please do this in moderation.


6.       Add a statement clutch or handbag.
7.       Add a sunglasses, anyone will do, in this case Oversize shade works just fine.
8.       To add extra warmth in the winter, add polka dot tights--- this work wonders. In addition, a great knee length boot will work fine as well.
9.       You can also include a hat, you already have the sunglasses on anyway, might as well go all the way. 

10.   Add some feathers….of course not real feathers…please don’t go around haunting birds for feathers but I mean the one you can purchase from the store.  Add some Feathers to your outfit, hair, use it as a hat, brooch feathers or just a brooch-, which is another accessory that will update your style. Chicmastyle does this so well, I want to shop in her closet.

 Well there you have it. 10 ways to update your little black dress. I want to hear from you. How would you style this look? Comment below.

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Hello Kings and Queens, 

It has been a while, I have so many things to share with you guys with so little time. First, I opened my clothing website called >>>>> SHOPTOMGFASHION <<<< so check it out. I have this dress on the website so definitely check it out.  The weather here at DMV is still the same, one day it's Spring, tomorrow it's snowing, and the day after, it's Summer. You really can't keep track of the weather and that's the perfect way people gets sick. 

Today's post features a spring over the top dress, I call it "3D Splash Spring Dress" I just love the color and the ruffles. The colors are so vibrant and fun. You can't dress this dress down but UP. I incorporated this fun purple and blue pump and ----Magic. What do you think? How would you wear this, and where would you wear it to?  Comment below and check out >>>>> SHOPTOMGFASHION <<<< 

Enjoy the post. 

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 >>>>> 3D Splash Spring Dress <<<<<

Well, it doesn't feel like Spring to me. Here at DMV area it snowed on the first day of Spring. I'm ready for Summer, it's too damn cold and windy. Black and White never goes out of style. Both colors offers elegant and freshness. You just can never go wrong with these colors. Putting this outfit together was actually very easy, once I added my black and white pump the look came together by itself and  I could not resist but incorporate my white and black shade. This jumpsuit it so fun, surprisingly for $22 this can be yours. I am impressed by the quality and stitching of this cape jumpsuit with a staggering low cost amount. I wear a lot of pieces from Shein and I am never disappointed with there quality. How would you wear this look? Honestly, I'm always  a little hesitant about wearing a white belt but the whole outfit works great together. 



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Happy St. Patrick's day guys,

Sorry it has been a minute, I have many amazing things to come that I can't wait to share with you guys.  So how was your week? The weather here at DMV is still unbearable, however it's  better than 5 feet's' of snow. I have been doing a lot of shopping in Boohoo lately (this is not a sponsored post), I will not lie, they have many different dresses at a very affordable prices. I got this ruffle shirt from them a while ago, and I'm impressed with the quality of this top. I got a size 6 US, it does fit a bit small and offers no stretch whatsoever. I paired this look with my NY & Company skirt and my Zendaya by Daya open toe heel. I added my green tassel earring and my red and green sunglasses.

Enjoy your weekend.

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