Hey Guys, 

So, I got this dress sent to me from Romwe and my first impression was it seems like the 1950's and 1960's print, the reason i picked it was because i want to challenge myself and bring this style to modern chic.  After putting it on and accessorizing it and adding a statement necklace, this dress came to life. The dress is so elegant and great for the spring weather and this is the best part, this dress is under 20 dollars and affordable to all.  The dress fabric is very light which is great for the summers brutal heat. 

Hey Guys,  This has been a rough week, I mistakenly reset my Computer to factory setting and It wiped out everything (Photos, videos, documents, EVERYTHING). So, I lost many pictures that I was hoping I will post this week, however, the good part is my Computer is like brand new again.  
 Hey guys,

When I think sexy I think show as less skin as possible. I got this amazing dress sent to me from SheIn, this was love at first sight. The blue and the black see through is everything. This is a dress you can wear to a wedding, birthday, you can dress it up or dress it down.
 Hey Guys,

It's almost Christmas and you know what that means PRESENTS!!!!!! Not really much to say, but i want you guys to have a wonderful time and Happy Holidays!!!!!

 Now that is time for fall im trying to take advantage of all the amazing tree leaves. Here is another quick post. Have an amazing week.

This is an old suit dress I got from a vintage store. I absolutely love it. My niece told me I look like a flight attendant. Have a great week.  
Hi everyone, So i decided to match this skirt with many different tops and i have to say they came out really great. Here is one of the look. More look coming soon.

Hey Guys,

So today is Nigeria Independent’s day. Now it has been 55 years that we got our independent. What I have on here was a present from my sister. I actually have this dress in both Pink and Blue color. I may post the Blue color one of this days. I can’t believe it is already fall. Noooo……what happen to my summer, I feel like it went by so fast. Have a great week, and Happy independents day we Nigerians. 

Everyone needs that white and black skirt in there closet. Even though we are in the fall it is not too late to pull out those skirt in your closet. Personally, I love length skirt anything shorter I think makes me feel uncomfortable. Here is a quick post, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day.  Tomgfashion

Skirt Similar here
Alright, as we all know summer is about over. I am clinging to whatever sun we have left. I can’t believe it is getting so cold already. I can't believe it. The weather at this time is the best, however, I know this will not last for a long time. I got this top a while back at Macys, I am not sure if they are still carry the same brand, but I am sure you should be able to find something similar. If you live around Red Run in Baltimore the Macys at that location is closing, indicating that everything is on sale. I actually did not know about the sales until recently. Everything is 20-40% off, of course except the fragrance and make up.   

The weather has been crazy here in Maryland. I think everyone is basically ready for spring. When the weather got a little warmer two days ago, the first thing I did was to jump at the chance at taking pictures. I found this awesome red door and we just clicked, and made magic…haha. My sister was behind the camera and she did such a marvelous job.
Another year and Another day

kim kardashian

I feel like this is something the Kardashians would wear.
Short sleeve dress || Christian Louboutin heels & pumps || Pearl clutch || Michael kors jewelry || Snake bracelet || Egyptian jewelry

So lately I have been obsessed with Color block skirts and I have ordered some. The main point is mixture of high-end clothing with less expensive clothes. Together you make magic. 

Have a great day!!!!!

Color Block

I got this Tildon Skirt from Nordstrom a while ago, but I never got the opportunity to wear them. I have recently started playing with many colors, you may remember this custom made jacket from my prior post. This time of year, people dress so dark and very little colors are used, but i love to play around with colors, wearing something colorful makes me very happy. 
Have a happy and colorful Weekday!!!

Hello everyone,

I enjoy reading other blogs. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality base on the way they dress and express themselves. Coming soon to tomgfashion is my daily reads.
A splash of color is everything, with a custom made Coat, Pant, and shirt from yours truly tomgfashion. I hope you have an incredible weekend.

Chiffon dress

Christian Louboutin pumps
$1,325 - net-a-porter.com

Yves Saint Laurent crossbody purse
$1,675 - selfridges.com

Post earrings

Athleta straw hat

I have been working strenuously in school and work I cannot wait till school is finished, yet on a side note, I feel confuse today. I think the right term to characterize my  emotions right now is frustration and furious. Keep in mind; do to others, as you require them to do to you. Remember, that when you make one of the biggest decision in your life and take that biggest step in your life know who you want to be part of it, because when it’s that persons turn s/he may possibly incorporate you or not incorporate you in their choice. Likewise, remember what decision you make will forever hold or break the bond you have with that person. Nevertheless, I feel super, great things to come. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

With the beautiful end of spring comes summer. The black dress with the gold belt make a great combination. Joining the pale pink Jacket from forever 21 and Aldo bag gives this look a complete sophistication. Enjoy 

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