Skirt Similar  (HERE) || Top Similar (HERE) || Shoe Similar (HERE) || Clutch (HERE) || Necklace Similar (HERE)
Hello everyone, 
My sister hates this look; she told me I look like a grandmother, which I do not understand. I like this look; I love the way the two black tone compliments each other. As I stated in my previous post, the weather in Maryland has been crazy. During these shots, I had to keep putting my coat on, by the time I was done shooting, I could not feel my fingers. So, what do you guys think about this look, YA or NAH???? Sorry about the picture quality, the camera was on the wrong setting. 
Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


WHO said Fur is out of fashion??????
I generally say never discard your old garments because someday they may be your best accessories. I have own this fur for a long time, but i always thought that fur was out of fashion until i envisioned how i can bring this old fur back to life. When i did this shoot it was freezing outside, but with the fur i felt no inch of coldness. Nude pump never do me wrong, if you have nothing else to match with that outfit just put on some nude pumps and everything else is history. A nude pump is a MUST in any closet, it's chic and classic. With that said, I have been obsessed with Linsey Jewelry lately, they carry everything from handbags, clutches, all kind of necklaces, earrings etc...Check them out (HERE!!!!) and (HERE!!!!). When i saw that Yellow clutch at Linsey store, the first thing that came to mind was "Where have you been all my life?" With Holiday around the corner, you will never go wrong purchasing a gift from Linsey Jewelry. They are located at •5762 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228, they open on Mondays -Thursdays from 10am-8:30pm, Fridays-Sat 10am-9pm, and Sundays 12pm-6pm •410-747-8400 • What are your plans for this holiday, i will love to hear. 
Free Giveaway from tomgfashion coming soon. 

Coming soon, yes it finally here. Just got this pair of Alejandro Ingelmo and Bag by Linsey Jewelry . They are nothing less than sexy and chic. Coming soon is the full outfit details 
Colors and fall are just beautiful. Here i am wearing Custom made dress Similar Here. Aldo shoe Here, Belt Similar Here and Bag Here. Happy Friday. 
Color color color. I am now really interested in playing with colors. I love the background of this pictures.  I personally think they came out really good. As you all may know you can follow me  on instagram @tomgfashion .  But what do you think?
Love it... Hope your Labor day holiday was great. See you Soon

Who does not like united colors of Benetton? I love wearing their clothes. This dress is old, but with my new hair it makes me feel like the 80s is back. I love the combination of orange, pink, and brown. If you don’t know Benetton, get to know them now. Their fashion is timeless. Let me know what you think.
Thanks for passing by.

 Mixture of leather and fabric are my new go to fashion. What do you think? 

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Kiti Molla, it’s just been great, i can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Almost there people almost. To all the great dads out there. Much love.
A simple skirt with a black sweater top from N&Y and company and a black jacket from DKNY made this look possible. Joining a sky blue Steven Madden gave his look a chic young feel. This is what i wore to school this past Monday. I am not really into short skirt but this look made me rethink that. The combination together gave this look a fun easy look. Well share your input and enjoy the rest of your day

Happy monday,
What a beautiful day today is again. I love the way the combination of this outfit works together. They compliment each other well. The is the longer version of the other skirt i made here. Shoes are Louboutin them can't find them online.

Happy Happy Easter
                Here is another outfit that I made. I wore this to church about 2 weeks ago. Playing with different fabric is fun. I love working with print and other colorful material. Shoes are by Christian Louboutin. Enjoy guys.

What is it?
It is the deepest darkest fear.
It flows like the ocean of darkness.
This is what I wore to church yesterday, I put this look together in about 15 minutes. What do you guys think of the look? 

I have been sick all this week, i have not been able to work. Today is the first day that i feel normal. It made me think about life and how truly helpless we are. Today was windy and unbelievable cold.This picture was not taken today, about some days back. All i have been doing at home is sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Work has become stressful lately. I don't understand how to reduce the pain but, i am grateful i have one. I wish i could turn my passion here into full time work. The best job for you is to do what you love every day, that will keep you happier and looking me. The skirt was handmade, with the sun so bright this pink skirt glows well. The top was from New York and Company, you can find so many things there for a great price. The collection I love is the New Eva Mendes collection. Her collection is so affordable and beautiful. To tell you the truth, I think New York and Company clothes are great for work, I get so many compliment at work. It high fashion, chic, and just great for work.I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week. xoxo tomgfashion. The shoe is lamb. 

Greeting fabulous readers, 

Here is some of the things i will be working with in couple days. Hope You guy have a great week.

Happy Holidays everyone, here is a simple jumpsuits i wore to Church two sundays ago. The jumpsuit is from JP ad the shoes is christian Louboutin. 
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