Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Floral Maxi Dress

Hey Guys, 

So, I got this dress sent to me from Romwe and my first impression was it seems like the 1950's and 1960's print, the reason i picked it was because i want to challenge myself and bring this style to modern chic.  After putting it on and accessorizing it and adding a statement necklace, this dress came to life. The dress is so elegant and great for the spring weather and this is the best part, this dress is under 20 dollars and affordable to all.  The dress fabric is very light which is great for the summers brutal heat. 
I pair this dress with Christian Louboutin pump as you guys know i am obsessed with them, they just go with everything. You can also wear a regular sandals, open toe heels will work just fine also. I added my Chanel bag but any clutch will work great as well as a wrap around belt.  So get your Floral Maxi Dress here

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  1. Hey, I just came across your blog, I must say i'm loving it!
    The colour and print of this dress is so lovely, and you styled it out so well!
    You are beautiful! xo


  2. So elegant and classy! The print of the dress is creative! http://dreammerin.com/stripes

  3. Wow, it surprise me! What the colors! GREAT! This flowered dress is outstanding. You are tall, isnt it? Therefore it looks so great :)

    PS. You making very good photos. Clean and sharp.

    I noticed You started blogging lately. Am I right? So, bravo. Super looks! If You like folllow (GFC or G+...) I am on YES.
    Its my blog blog minimalissmo

  4. No, You have no started blogging lately :) Fooled me GFC box. Anyway, You are making lovely colored looks! I am impressed.

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