Monday, September 7, 2015

8 tips for the prefect Selfie

Hey guys,
Here are quick 8 steps to take a good selfie.
To take a good selfie takes work, but at the same time you just need to have the right environment. Taking a good selfie is all about the natural lights around you. So, let's get begin

1) You want to make such you have a good light
2) Have on a natural makeup and make sure you are not sweating. 
3) Now, angle your phone higher than your face and face toward the natural light around you. 
4) Take couple of pictures and choose your best. 
5) Make sure the light on your face is not too extreme because you will lose the detail on your face. 
6) Also, don't forget to smile 
7) All phone nowadays comes with some sort of photo editing tools, to reduce the light on your face make your picture darker by choosing the tool on your phone that gives you that option. 

8) If you are in love with your picture but somehow it is blur, then make it black and white. Everything looks great in black and white and it's timeless. 

Share your thought and your selfie with TOMGFASHION. 

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