Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wearing all lip colors

Wearing all lip colors can be challenging especially if you are a person of beautiful luxurious dark skin tone. Since some of our lips are naturally brown, this makes it hard to show the full effect color of the lip stick. The best trick is to use a concealer after you moisturize your lips. Here are quick few steps to wearing all lip colors.  

1) Clean your lips and scrub it with a tooth brush to get all the dead skin on your lips out. You want your lips to feel soft. 
2) Add a lip balm, it doesn't matter which one. Use the one that will not dry your skins out. They usually cost about $1.90 or less.
3) Put on your concealer, make sure to cover and fill in all the lines on your lips so you can get a nice smooth effect. Putting on a concealer also help your lipstick to stay on for a really long time. 
4) Put on your desire lip color 
5) If you have a full lips like me and don't want your lip to appear big (optional) when you add your concealer on, cover your full lips with your concealer however, don't put the lip stick all the way to the top or bottom of you lip. This will give a illusion that your lips are smaller. (I prefer full lips). 
6) Put on a little lip gloss to give your lips a little shine. 
7) Kiss or press your outer and inner lips on a paper towel to get rid of extra lipstick or gloss on your lips. 
8) You are all done. You can adjust your lipstick during the day. If you want a new look, just wipe off your lips with a moist paper towel and follow the steps from step 1. Also, if you don't want any lip color but want you lip to look natural you can still add your concealer and just add some color gloss. 

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  1. you're a beauty!!!!!! and this lipstick was made for you...very glam and feminine look!

  2. wow, so beautiful!!! amazing pictures.



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