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Great finds from Shein for back to school.
Summer is almost here, even though the weather is currently on a different page, i am patiently waiting for sunshine. Check out some of my summer favorite items below all from Shein.
Macy's Sales


Hey Guys, 

SheIn is having Free shipping all day today up to midnight with no minimum orders. So everything goes, you can order one items or an hundred items and you pay nothing for shipping. So order now by midnight and share your look with tomgfashion . Check out SheIn

Hey guys,

Here are my wish list from SheIn, they have amazing products and they are now my most favorite online shopping store. When you shop with them you get 40% off your first order and 40% over any purchases over 55 dollars. I think that is super. 
Chic Romwe

Hey Guys,

As we all know Easter is coming and ROMWE is having a huge Easter Sale. You can get anywhere from 60% - 65% off their sales just by using the promo code provided on their website.
Wedding Day


Simply sitting home today without nothing to do is just the way I adore it. I respect the thought/ feeling of not having anything to do. Throughout the week everything is circle around working and compose papers, basically never having time to myself. Having three days off is paradise however in any case, we should fixate on what this blog is about. This is a mixture of a transparent skirt I got from forever 21 about 2 years back, I think this may be my second time wearing this. The top originate from N&Y and Company. I don't know whether you all are mindful of the extent to which I love N&Y and their organization. I think they have the best garments for work, and a large portion of my work clothing are from them. Let me know what you think. Additionally, Happy Memorial day.

Another engenderment of Kiti Molla aka the name I named my design. With the combination of this flush pink and the top I got from Charlotte russe gave this look a sophisticated impression. The skirt is Kiti Molla  I call it “Bella Pale,” the shoe from Louboutin. I am calling this look flush pink because the look is not genuinely a deep pink, but a pale pink. I love the amalgamation of this look and my makeup. Yes, I did it myself and I am proud of it.  What do you think of this look? Enjoy your day. Happy Tuesdays!!!!

Greetings readers,
Today was a really glooming day. It has been difficult to take picture outside. The weather has been really cold and there is only about 1 hours of sun light outside so i am always on the lookout for the sun. With that said, when it finally stopped Raining today , i saw the opportunity to take a photo in this great outfit and yes ....

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