Mixture of leather and fabric are my new go to fashion. What do you think? 

Another engenderment of Kiti Molla aka the name I named my design. With the combination of this flush pink and the top I got from Charlotte russe gave this look a sophisticated impression. The skirt is Kiti Molla  I call it “Bella Pale,” the shoe from Louboutin. I am calling this look flush pink because the look is not genuinely a deep pink, but a pale pink. I love the amalgamation of this look and my makeup. Yes, I did it myself and I am proud of it.  What do you think of this look? Enjoy your day. Happy Tuesdays!!!!

 How is everyone days going. Today is my Father's birthday, i had a great time with him, my sister and my beautiful two nieces. I got this dress from E-bay HERE Shoes is LAMB HERE is a similar version.
Oh here we go, I love Kate Middleton i think she is the luckiest female in the world. I love her has a human being and LOVE LOVE LOVE her style.
I don't know where she get those coat from, but i would love to own one of it.

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