What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party
Below you will learn about office party rules, the DO’s and DON’T of Office parties. Remember, even though you are not working, you are still representing the company. It’s essential to keep in mind these SEVEN key points.


WHO said Fur is out of fashion??????
I generally say never discard your old garments because someday they may be your best accessories. I have own this fur for a long time, but i always thought that fur was out of fashion until i envisioned how i can bring this old fur back to life. When i did this shoot it was freezing outside, but with the fur i felt no inch of coldness. Nude pump never do me wrong, if you have nothing else to match with that outfit just put on some nude pumps and everything else is history. A nude pump is a MUST in any closet, it's chic and classic. With that said, I have been obsessed with Linsey Jewelry lately, they carry everything from handbags, clutches, all kind of necklaces, earrings etc...Check them out (HERE!!!!) and (HERE!!!!). When i saw that Yellow clutch at Linsey store, the first thing that came to mind was "Where have you been all my life?" With Holiday around the corner, you will never go wrong purchasing a gift from Linsey Jewelry. They are located at •5762 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228, they open on Mondays -Thursdays from 10am-8:30pm, Fridays-Sat 10am-9pm, and Sundays 12pm-6pm •410-747-8400 •linseyjewelry@gmail.com What are your plans for this holiday, i will love to hear. 
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Blue And A Hint of Gray

Whistles crepe dress
$385 - whistles.com

ALDO beaded handbag

Cuff jewelry
$15 - bardot.com.au

ALDO Tyce Belt


Chiffon dress

Christian Louboutin pumps
$1,325 - net-a-porter.com

Yves Saint Laurent crossbody purse
$1,675 - selfridges.com

Post earrings

Athleta straw hat

Good evening everyone, here is a quick post about my niece. She looks amazing. I had to give her ice-cream to keep her still. What do you guys think? 

Who does not like united colors of Benetton? I love wearing their clothes. This dress is old, but with my new hair it makes me feel like the 80s is back. I love the combination of orange, pink, and brown. If you don’t know Benetton, get to know them now. Their fashion is timeless. Let me know what you think.
Thanks for passing by.

I have been working strenuously in school and work I cannot wait till school is finished, yet on a side note, I feel confuse today. I think the right term to characterize my  emotions right now is frustration and furious. Keep in mind; do to others, as you require them to do to you. Remember, that when you make one of the biggest decision in your life and take that biggest step in your life know who you want to be part of it, because when it’s that persons turn s/he may possibly incorporate you or not incorporate you in their choice. Likewise, remember what decision you make will forever hold or break the bond you have with that person. Nevertheless, I feel super, great things to come. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Greetings all,
It has been a while since i got the opportunity to post. 
New nail polish, wet & Wild is a great long lasting but cheap nail polish i have had in my nail collection without really using it.I finally had a chance to use it and i love the way it turns out. With the way the weather has been lately this Red nails made me very happy.


It has been really hard lately to post any picture, this is due to the fact that i am always busy and it really cold outside.
Greetings readers,
Today was a really glooming day. It has been difficult to take picture outside. The weather has been really cold and there is only about 1 hours of sun light outside so i am always on the lookout for the sun. With that said, when it finally stopped Raining today , i saw the opportunity to take a photo in this great outfit and yes ....

Here is some of the things i will be working with in couple days. Hope You guy have a great week.

Good afternoon readers,

I hope your day is going well. Yes…this is another one of my creation I love the way it turns out. The shoe I am wearing is Christian louboutin, the bag not sure who the designer is. When I put this outfit together I was afraid it will look too brown, but this turned out to be very nice than I thought. Yes…I have a new hair style, I just wanted something different, and I love it. I don’t really like long hair, but when I saw style is my thing by Soraya, I wanted her hair…much love Soraya I am a big fan. I just feel like they don’t have my style out there anymore and this is why I started making my own clothes. I got many compliment on this dress, even though I think this outfit looks kind of dull. The hardest part of making this dress is the bottom, not perfect but I’m getting better and fast.

I hope you have a great week…XOXO ToMgFaShIoN

Chic Yellow shoes

Belt by: United Colors of Benetton 

Look forward to this new dress with the Lamb shoe. Of course i made it.
Here is the sneak peak, look out for more later. ToMgFaShIoN
I made the top, the pant is from United colors of Benetton by Sisley Got it from CHIC CHIC Boutique 

Good Evening readers, summer is gone and here comes winter. I had such a great day with my family today. Currently studying for my final exam, don’t feel like studying at all.  Lady in Red dress is really special to me. I made it with my own two hands, it is not perfect, but I love it. I found this shoe under my bed, I totally forgot about them, I got them probably about 5 years ago and never got a chance to wear it. With that said, you may have seen this red bag in my previous post before (HERE). Also look forward to the newest edition. Still looking for the proper name for it. It something Yellow. Will post a sneak peak soon. Now I need to return to studying. ToMgFaShIoN

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