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What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party

What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party
Below you will learn about office party rules, the DO’s and DON’T of Office parties. Remember, even though you are not working, you are still representing the company. It’s essential to keep in mind these SEVEN key points.

First: You can wear dresses, tops with skirts or pants, remember the dress must be up to your knees, anything higher is frowned upon. You can also wear business casual, however, it is a party so have fun with your dressing. Try to stay away from club clothing, or clothes that are too tight. The same strives for garments that are excessively revealing, or tops that will show your belly. Don’t forget about choosing the right undergarment.
Second: Your shoes height should be between 3 to 4 inches. Remember you are still representing yourself at work. Anything higher than 4 inches should be minimized. You need to have the capacity to walk around freely and socialize. Wear something chic, but at the same time be comfortable.  I hate when colleagues attend an office party and they have to take their shoes off because they are uncomfortable. It is additionally vital to wear a settle color shoes, nude, black, or brown.
Third: Minimize your accessories, in the event that you are wearing a statement piece, for instance, big earing or necklace. Remember to choose one or the other. Don’t combine two statement pieces together, you will begin to appear as though you are heading to a fashion show. If you are wearing a statement piece earing, wear NO necklace or something very settle. The same strives for Necklace, wear a teardrop earing and a statement necklace or no earrings whatsoever.
Fourth: Makeup should be kept minimum, its okay to wear a natural color, or pale pink lipstick. Limit your eye shadow to natural colors or just use mascara. Pay close attention to your eyebrow. Medium is better, limit shading your eyebrow too high or too deep, you want it to look natural. Utilize brown or black eye pencil. Also be careful of how much foundation you use, too much will make your face look sweaty and sometimes they may rub off on your clothes. Remember, little make up goes a long way.
Fifth: Think before you speak, be respectful to others because your supervisor is watching. Don’t be too loud when speaking. Give others an opportunity to speak. Do not argue with them. Limit talking about work, but remember some people may be unease talking about their personal life, so try to be understanding. This is not the time to talk about someone you dislike in the office.
Sixth: Be careful of how much you’re drinking, keep in mind you are still going to work the next day. You don’t want to be the office gossip. I have seen many people embarrassed themselves at office parties, its truly humiliating. Know your limits and stick to it. Eat something before drinking. At the same time, try to have fun. That’s what it’s all about.
Seventh: Personal hygiene is important, pay close attention to them. Use settle perfumes. It’s always good to carry a deodorant that you can leave in your car or small enough to fit in your clutch. Having some mint, mouth freshener or gums that can fit in your bag can also be helpful. You want to socialize, make eye contact when speaking, and be comfortable that your colleagues are listening. The worst part about any office parties is someone with a bad breath, he or she may have many interesting things to say, however, if their breath is unbearable you will not be able to concentrate.

This are my observations with office parties I have attended over the years. I am not an expert. Please comment below if you have any other suggestions. Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Happy Holidays!!!!! 

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  1. It is important to ask for the advice and input of other folks while organizing an office party. This way you'll avoid resentment down the road from people who didn't get to see the party they wanted.


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