Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nigerian Wedding Guest

Just came back from New York. It has been crazy, as you all know we have a new President. I wore this outfit to my cousin's white wedding last month and it came out amazing. I obtained a bodysuit from Charlotte Russe and cut out the purple flowers, strategically glued it to the top and drum roll please, it's magic. Underneath, I wore a nude tube top bra to tie the look with the skirt. I incorporated Rachel Zoe pump to complete the look. I have decided to go longer with my hair and added some bangs. The skirt was made in Africa. Nothing else to report at this time. Let me know how your day is going.

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  1. First time visiting the blog. This is so so beautiful xx

  2. The way you turned out this top is freaky awesome. Love the ruffles details on the skirt, You are just beautiful <3

  3. Looks amazing, I just wanna to know more about this, thanks for sharing baby!

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