Another year and Another day

Greeting fabulous readers, 
Greetings readers,
Today was a really glooming day. It has been difficult to take picture outside. The weather has been really cold and there is only about 1 hours of sun light outside so i am always on the lookout for the sun. With that said, when it finally stopped Raining today , i saw the opportunity to take a photo in this great outfit and yes ....

Good afternoon readers,

I hope your day is going well. Yes…this is another one of my creation I love the way it turns out. The shoe I am wearing is Christian louboutin, the bag not sure who the designer is. When I put this outfit together I was afraid it will look too brown, but this turned out to be very nice than I thought. Yes…I have a new hair style, I just wanted something different, and I love it. I don’t really like long hair, but when I saw style is my thing by Soraya, I wanted her hair…much love Soraya I am a big fan. I just feel like they don’t have my style out there anymore and this is why I started making my own clothes. I got many compliment on this dress, even though I think this outfit looks kind of dull. The hardest part of making this dress is the bottom, not perfect but I’m getting better and fast.

I hope you have a great week…XOXO ToMgFaShIoN

Chic Yellow shoes

Belt by: United Colors of Benetton 

I had so much fun taking this picture. My lovely sister took it for me thanks love.

The is such a beautiful outfit,

Took this picture recently, i played with the photo a little bit to get this effect. Shoes are Pelle 

It is just a perfect outfit for a day like today, It was a little cold but i was able to put it together. This is a very simple black dress with a belt. The shoes are also black with a gold line ruining down the back of it. This bag, i bought in Aldo long time ago, it just goes with everything. it adds a lot of color to everything. The hair; well not that professional even though i work in the office, but i have given up trying to look professional, i just dress still professional without losing my fashion style. Shoe is by Christian Sirilano. Hair done at Hair Couture  


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