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How to turn up for that Christmas party in style!

December is always fun; it's one of the most celebrated months of the year! But, as we all know, Christmas is just around the corner, and you have already received countless Christmas parties to attend. You are also probably freaking out because you do not know what to wear to the party (oh no!!!). But, you don't have to worry about that because we have come up with some helpful tips for you to turn up your Christmas party in style.

  Firstly, what type of Christmas/party is it? Are you required to dress casually, semi-formally, or formally? You would not want to be casually dressed, only to get there and find out that the dress code is formal. So you need to get the dress code right. Once you do, all you need are the tips on what to wear and how to wear them.

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1. You have to pick the right matching color: 
Gold, silver, wine, and/or white are generally the go-to colors for individuals who don't like the traditional red and green Christmas colors. Bright, bold colors go well with white. But, of course, pink, green, and yellow colors also go well with white.
You can pair a white top with a bright-colored skirt and heels, and you are good to go for your semi-formal Christmas party. But, of course, you can also combine pastel colors like peach, baby blue, lavender and still look all chic for the party.

In matching the right apparel color, it is crucial to be careful when combining different types of prints. For example, if you wear a striped shirt, I would try to avoid a leopard or snake print skirt (send a picture if you do this successfully). Instead, limit print on print and combine it with solid colors, that way, it neutralizes the print. An example is this leopard print chiffon blouse paired with a faux brown leather skirt; we incorporated a pair of nude heels to complement it. It makes the perfect outfit for a formal Christmas party.

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2. Let us get into this colorful dress shirt - You can never go wrong with a dress shirt: when in doubt, a dress shirt is always a good alternative. It can be styled to suit a formal party, a semi-formal party, and even dressed down for a casual party - it plays multiple roles. But, of course, it is also crucial to choose suitable accessories to complete your outfit. 
For a formal Christmas party, you can pair it with stockings, chunky or slim heels, a clutch bag, sunglasses, and show off those legs.

This multicolored dress shirt is currently one of the fastest-selling items at our store. It's such a simple piece, yet it makes a powerful, bold statement. Add sunglasses to get a bossy stylish look. You may also combine this shirt dress with a ripped jean jacket to dress it down for a casual gathering. The jean jacket presents a relaxed look on it. Pairing it with a pair of sneakers simply makes it more suitable for that semi-formal Christmas party. 

3. Picking the right accessories is everything: Accessories are not only limited to earrings, bangles, or necklaces. Accessories also consist of sunglasses, hats, belts, footwear, bags, scarves, and much more. 

For example, a multicolored clutch bag goes with virtually anything. Oversized jewelry pieces easily stand out; thus, they must be worn in moderation. Another accessory is Fedora: Our red bottom fedora style never gets old - we have every style imaginable. Both males and females can wear it. It can be that piece of accessory you need to spice up your Christmas party look.

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4. Finally, add layers: Leather jackets, jean jackets, blazers, and PVC coats are a few of the clothing you can wear to layer your dress. These pieces of apparel add style and elegance to your outfit and give off a chic aura. 

You can layer with a jean jacket or leather jacket for a casual party. For a formal party, you can layer with a blazer. The graffiti rock punk leather jacket currently in stock at our store can be rocked with high-waisted jeans. It can also be rocked with a dress. 

5. Skirts and Pants: Skirts and pants can be combined with different types of tops to give you that casual look, a semi-formal look, or a formal look you need for your Christmas party. When wearing a heavy skirt such as a tulle skirt, pair it with a tight-fitted top. When wearing a top with statement sleeves, pair it with a fitted dress or pants.

In Conclusion: With us cheering you on, you do not have to worry about what to wear for that upcoming Christmas party, birthday, baby shower, wedding, you name it. Instead, we've got some trendy and stylish clothing just for you, as well as some ideas on how to rock them for any event. 
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