Sunday, October 31, 2021

The best fedoras for 2022

The amount of love I have for Fedoras. I'm always having a bad hair day so guess what - I always cover up my hair. I have what they call 4C hair. It's sometimes almost impossible to comb. It's always tangled and nothing really makes my face stands out. I mean you can wear a scarf, but, really- a scarf - well there are multiple ways to style that; however, that's a discussion for another day. So, let's get down to the topic: The best fedoras for 2022. There are different types of Fedoras, the one I'm going to cover in this topic is the red bottom fedoras; however, I will slightly go over other Fedoras as well. All the fedoras I'm going over today are available to purchase on my website here. 

  1. Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, and the days are becoming shorter. Fedora is a great way to fully immerse yourself in Fall wear. Don't get me wrong, Fedoras are great for the cold seasons, but they are also great for the warm seasons. sometimes it's all about choosing the right color. For Fall, I will opt for a camel, wine, gray, purple, chocolate, emerald, red, army green, black, or orange fedora. 
    1. First, black goes with practically everything; therefore, it's the perfect color for any occasion.
    2. Camel is a Fall color; I'm sure that you see many people wearing camel color coats in the Fall and Winter. You can style camel fedoras with natural color tones. Add a natural tone pant, white shirt, basiccolors are great with camel, brown, or chocolate color fedoras. 
    3. When the leaves change colors, they switch to that beautiful yellow and orange colors. An orange Fedora is perfect - it's also a great color for Halloween. 
    4.  Amy green or emerald colors remind me of the military. It's such a beautiful yet powerful color, and it's perfect for the winter season. 
    5. Oh, don't forget about the white fedoras. You can wear white after Labor Day; I'm really not sure where - "don't wear white after labor day" comes from, especially when your fedora is two-tone.

    2. The other Fedora colors are perfect for warm seasons. Anything from black, turquoise, pink, lime, purple, blue, yellow, magenta, etc.

    1. Any other color works well in summer; honestly, there are no beauty standards. Pink fedoras are great for baby showers, birthdays, weddings - you name it.
    2. Lime fedoras are elegant for private parties, discos, fun, colors; there are no limits to what color fedora you can wear. Really - don't limit yourself to colors - just do you- haha. 
    3. Purple - I absolutely love this color; it's such a fun color. This is also a great color for Fall. All my fedoras are two tones - meaning I have this purple in - purple/ red and purple/yellow - absolutely fantastic. 
    4. It's your world, baby- we are just living in it - go crazy - wear whatever color you want.

Then we have added little accessories to the two-tone fedora, and we are a GO. But technically, accessories that go over our neck, but the one that's embedded in our fedoras. So really, you can choose whatever you want. I'm going to stop here; I have so many ideas in my head. But, darn it, all that greens. Stay in school, kids. Get your two-tone fedora here. 


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