Saturday, September 12, 2020

How to take pictures in the sun without squinting

Going on vacation is so different now. First and the last vacation in 2020, it’s so weird now when traveling because you have to stop at some point especially if you are traveling a long distance. My husband and I traveled to MA - about 8 hours drive and we stopped once to get gas. We didn’t even stop to use the restroom due to fact that we really don’t know how clean it is. I’m always hesitant to use public bathroom anyways, now add COVID on top of that.  With that said, hubby took some amazing shots on this trip. What do you think? Which is your favorite? 

I think this is a perfect wallpaper shot - especially the first shot. So now let go over how we got these shots and how to take pictures in the sun without squinting. 

First of all, we took these shots about 2 hours before the sunset. 

  1. Don’t look directly into the camera. This helps because if you look directly into the camera it’s like looking directly into the sun. 
  2. Slightly have your eyes closed and look to the side. 
  3. This is the most important part - I told my husband to take some pictures on the side. This way you can’t tell that I have my eyes slightly closed and not looking straightforward. 
  4. You can shoot with your back to the sun. This creates a nice silhouette and a romantic image.
  5. Another quick fix is to wear sunglasses, they go with everything. 

He shot in manual, high aperture, and shot at the gold hour (2 hours prior to the sun setting). I only enhance the color for these shots because the sun itself creates a beautiful glow and filter.






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