Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to wear basic (but not looking basic)

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Not so basic in this Basic tee, how clean and fun. Vibrant yet subtle. I don't know about you but I love to wear layers during Fall and Winter. I don't like thick sweaters and I always prefer layers. When I saw this white simple asymmetric top, my eyes were immediately drawn to the simplicity. This top is the bomb, it can be easily worn with any outfit, I think about this as a clear canvas and any color will bring it to life.

I incorporated a white and washed out blue jean to continue the cleanliness- why not, they look so cute together. I know some may feel otherwise about pairing and matching this styles, it simple yet chic.I added a deep green hat to add a pop of color. Enjoy the Post.

What are your thoughts?  Don't forget to read all about "How to wear all black without looking like you are heading to a funeral"

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  1. Simple and stylish. You are so cute and you have such a pretty face. ;) I like those shoes too. X x x


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