Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to Wear All Black without Looking Boring

I am back. I am Black. But never Basic.

You can wear Black without looking like you are heading to a funeral. 
To avoid this is simple, just add a pop of color.
This is my interpretation of not basic black. This is not your everyday attire. This outfit is over the
top, it simple chic, with a pop of color. I added Pop of Yellow to make a statement. 
This Icons laced Bodysuit is a true iconic outfit. It’s a 3D bodysuitWhen I came across this bodysuit,
 I knew it would be prefect for shop TomgfashionThis bodysuit is very flattering, slim, and structured. This is the style that you need in your closet. If you love stylish but comfortable, chic yet classic, then you got yourself a winner.

So head over to TOMGFASHION because we always have the latest and greatest – 
so if you inspired to update your closet, be sure to head over to see what’s new. 

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                                                                                  Icons in Laced Bodysuit                
                                                                                     Wrap Waist Chic Belt  
                                                                                         Golden Tassel

                                                                     SOCIAL MEDIA 



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