Saturday, June 23, 2018

Your Must have Dress for any Wedding

Happy Saturday Guys, sorry for not posting as much as I wanted. I have been so busy with so many things. As you guys know, I have my own online store, so you can literally shop all my blog looks at my store and you get free shipping on all order(s). So let's talk about this fashionista dress, this is the perfect dress for any wedding for this Summer, Fall, or Winter. I went with a minimum makeup and tied my hair back, I also incorporated a dramatic earring. This is a floor dress so you can literally wear sneakers or flat and no one will know... that can be our little secret. 
Besides my obsession with this color, I can't get enough of ruffles. This dress is just super in every directions you look at it, it hugs your body so beautifully. Enjoy your week. Shop Dress below. 

>>>>>>> Get Dress HERE <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Get Dress HERE <<<<<<<<

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  1. Your body does look amazing in this dress. Your shape is incredible!! ;) ;) You look so glamorous and high class. x x x


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