Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My Zaful Wishlist

Hey Guys,

Lately I've been feeling sexy when it comes to my clothing, I'm craving for something simple and fun. My go to styles lately are bodycon dresses, if you read my previous post you can see what I'm talking about. Now when it comes to bodycon, I always want something that is knee length especially when wearing a skin tight dress. I want to appear sexy without looking trashy 😃. So, when Zaful asked me to do a Wishlist, I jumped at the opportunity to raid their Bodycon section on their website. I can see myself wearing these clothes with a nice open or close toe heel. I can also incorporate a belt, clutch, and other accessories to add drama. Basically, I can definitely see myself rocking all this look from Zaful. Oh yes....these dresses are all under $55. Have a great day . 

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  1. Wow you look so sexy in this dress and I love those heels on you. You don't at all look trashy you look classy but your body still looks super sexy. I wish there were more pics of this outfit and Id love to see you in the other bodycon dresses here. ;) ;) Enjoy your weekend babe! x x x

  2. Loving that pink dress. Going to go check it out right now


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