Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sequined Bodysuit

This ensemble is everything. This outfit features the prefect, most flirtest bodysuit with high waisted skirt paired with a black pump. Where do I start, this winter outfit actually makes you feel playful yet sexy all at the same time. Bodysuit may not be for everyone- I mean they are not the most practical thing to wear, however they look so damn good. This particular bodysuit- By SAMMYdress, is the cutest bodysuit I have came across in a while. I wanted to add something flirty to complete this look so I added a flounce high waist skirt. Then to really complete the look, I've paired this with a nice pump. Et voila. The perfect look. 

Despite the accessories, I wanted to focus on the bodysuit, so I kept the color theme black. With my looks lately, I like to ensure most if not all aspect of my outfits are well coordinated and themed throughout. With this outfit, my loosely curly hair added to the youthfulness and playfulness to the look. The red lips gives the entire ensemble a chic feel. 

You can find this pieces at SAMMYdress and if you happen to find other piece(s) please share via email at or Instagram #tomgfashionfinds. Have a lovely day!!! 

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|| Flounces High Waisted Skirt || Sequined Bodysuit (Sold Out) || Try Lace Bodysuit  &  another Lace Bodysuit  || Stiletto pump || 

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Shop My Look Here!!!
|| Flounces High Waisted Skirt || Sequined Bodysuit (Sold Out) || Try Lace Bodysuit  &  another Lace Bodysuit  || Stiletto pump || 

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