Simply sitting home today without nothing to do is just the way I adore it. I respect the thought/ feeling of not having anything to do. Throughout the week everything is circle around working and compose papers, basically never having time to myself. Having three days off is paradise however in any case, we should fixate on what this blog is about. This is a mixture of a transparent skirt I got from forever 21 about 2 years back, I think this may be my second time wearing this. The top originate from N&Y and Company. I don't know whether you all are mindful of the extent to which I love N&Y and their organization. I think they have the best garments for work, and a large portion of my work clothing are from them. Let me know what you think. Additionally, Happy Memorial day.

I have been sick all this week, i have not been able to work. Today is the first day that i feel normal. It made me think about life and how truly helpless we are. Today was windy and unbelievable cold.This picture was not taken today, about some days back. All i have been doing at home is sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Work has become stressful lately. I don't understand how to reduce the pain but, i am grateful i have one. I wish i could turn my passion here into full time work. The best job for you is to do what you love every day, that will keep you happier and looking me. The skirt was handmade, with the sun so bright this pink skirt glows well. The top was from New York and Company, you can find so many things there for a great price. The collection I love is the New Eva Mendes collection. Her collection is so affordable and beautiful. To tell you the truth, I think New York and Company clothes are great for work, I get so many compliment at work. It high fashion, chic, and just great for work.I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week. xoxo tomgfashion. The shoe is lamb. 
Look forward to this new dress with the Lamb shoe. Of course i made it.
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