Saturday, April 15, 2017

Denim Dress

Ahhhhh - Denims. Classic yet sophisticated depending on how you style it. When I received this Denim dress from Zaful, my first thought was it’s a bit different than the looks I’m use to posting of my blog and I'm always looking into trying something different with my looks. Now this dress was bigger than I expected so I had to wear a shirt underneath it even though I was not planning to, hence; the reason I look like a School girl. Well – A School girl with a sense of style. How rude of me…
”Hi guys” how was your week? My week was a bit chaotic, because as you all know I am planning my wedding and that is no easy task. Therefore, I am sorry to say posting more frequently will have to wait until after the wedding. I am physically drained after working 40+ hours a week then photo shoot, edit photo, and post. It seems easy; however, it takes a lot of work, but I still love it.  I wanted to try something different with my poses. After posting so many photos I do ran out of poses haha!!!

Today look features a stoic face with limited movement. I added an open toe shoe and white fitted shirt from New York and company and drum roll please – Schoolgirl. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and my other social medias. Links below. Have a great weekend.

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Shop Similar look Below 

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  1. I'm such a fan of denim.. in all forms! Love this dress and how you combined it with the white top! :)

    And I love your pose with those stiletto heeled sandals! Perfect! :)

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