Monday, December 12, 2016

Side Striped Pant

It's getting closer to the holidays and it's time to party. Well, maybe party a little. I'm sure you guys are aware that every Fashion Bloggers seems to be walking somewhere in their photos, that's because we want to give our photos some life (movement). So, have you guys noticed striped pants lately, I guess you can say it's the new "It thing." My soon to be mother In-law bought me this Side striped track pant and they fit perfectly. I paired it with a irregular white button down shirt, my black and white pump and "Surprise" it's magic. Track pant is great with a button down shirts, sweaters, or tank tops. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. 

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  1. Love those stripes! :)

    And you like you're having so much fun in this pics! :)

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  2. I do love your style and those pants are beautiful. I noticed them on jadore fashion and they do have a way of making the legs look longer. Totally killed it

    1. Thank you. Those pant does make you leg go on for miles. I wish the store has them in every colors.

  3. You look beautiful in this styling.
    We share your designs on my blog.


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