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Going Glamorous with Gold


As long as there have been brides obsessed with feeling like royalty on their most special days, there have been glamorous weddings. Opportunities to fascinate and captivate don’t come often, so when they do, glam brides take advantage.

In her biography of Judy Garland, Susie Boyt wrote, “She could make ordinary people feel glamorous and glamorous people feel ordinary”. Garland innately knew how to do what glamorous couples work tirelessly to accomplish – she could banish the ordinary and replace it with something “fascinatingly attractive in a mysterious way” – in a word, “glamorous” (thank you

It’s simultaneously an intimidating order to try to fill, and you're carte blanche to define glamorous anyway you want. Literally any wedding theme can be made glamorous if you kick it up a notch. Rustic Glam, Modern Glam, Vintage Glam, Beach Glam – anything your over-the-top heart desires is possible if you can imagine a unique, alluring approach to accomplishing it.

How Do You Glamorize Your Details?

The goal of glamour is to make the ordinary extraordinary. There are several options for couples planning glam weddings, including the glamorous approach to:

Venue – A glamorous affair begins with an out-of-this-world venue. Find an alluring spot with magical qualities. Opulent ballrooms, super intimate private beaches, elegant historic mansions and luxe properties are all perfect palettes for the glitz and glitter of a glam wedding. If you can imagine yourself perched in a to-die-for gown, surrounded by your ladies in waiting in their gold bridesmaid dresses and an audience of guests in black tie and super formal evening wear, you have probably hit on just the right venue for you.

Music – Choose live entertainment over a DJ for your ceremony and your reception. A small combo might greet your guests while wandering violinist serenades couples during the cocktail period. A high quality live band can turn a wedding performance into a night of total engagement with everyone from your very youngest to your very oldest guest dancing the night away.

Flowers and Décor – Enlist your floral designer to help glam up your décor. Research rare and seasonal blooms that can act as focal points for your personal flowers and centerpieces. Specialty lighting is a must at a glamorous wedding. Don’t settle for a few uplights – ask for whole walls of glitter and illumination.

Attire – Your glamorous look should transform you from ordinary to extraordinary. Pick a bridal gown with a dramatic scooped back or a full-length train (or both!). Make your wedding party stand out. Choose metallic, shimmering gold bridesmaid dresses for a cinema-worthy appearance, and classic black tie for the men. Accessorize with designer heels and your most prized jewelry.

Cuisine – Think like a world-renowned chef. Only the best will do. Rare ingredients, unique preparation and intimate service will keep your guests enthralled and anticipating the next course. Consider chef demonstration style preparation table side or stations with exclusive ingredients prepared to order.

The key to going glam is deciding not to settle for ordinary. Demand only the best and plan to keep your guests enthralled at all times. No matter where or when your event may be, you can always raise the bar and make things positively glamorous.

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