Friday, October 21, 2016

Know Your Style

Don’t force the issue of style. Your style will develop gradually as you practice the basics of fashion and become increasingly aware of the importance of your individuality. As your confidence builds in your knowledge of proportion, line, color, texture and accessories, you will find yourself taking more chances, having more fun, and your style will emerge. Once you realize that fashion need not be taken too seriously, you can dress to feel wonderful, elegant, sexy, comfortable, romantic, flirtatious, or whatever the mood or the theme of the party dictates.

Think about how you want the world to view you? You have worked out what your physical characteristics are - your natural coloring and your body shape, and you have discovered which colors best suit you. You can now develop your own style and flair by combining the right line, designs, fabrics scale and colors to complement you physically. You can then dress individually and creatively.

There are three secrets to achieving the most alluring appearance you can have. Looking and feeling you’re most attractive ALWAYS Dressing with ease and simplicity Developing and maintaining a consistent, uncomplicated sense of your personal style. This does not mean that you should have a wardrobe of all the same fabrics, patterns and cuts. How boring that would be! But what you need to do is analyse the fabrics, textures, prints, details and accessories you like the most, as well as which colours and styles suit you, and then build your wardrobe around these. This applies across all dresses not just a particular kind. You can choose details for everything from cocktail dresses to two piece dresses.

The key to dressing today is convenience, versatility, simplicity and flexibility. Two piece dresses are known to provide this. There is a myriad of fashions to choose from, but the most important thing is that you have to be happy and confident in whatever you have decided to wear. You need to have confidence in your own taste. Don’t follow fashion like a slave or become addicted to fashion trends. Wear whatever you know looks good on you.

How we interpret our moods as well as different occasions is contingent upon our basic personalities. When we dress in styles and accessories that reflect our personalities we are noticed as ourselves first and our clothes will be secondary. When we feel at ease with our image we can be more relaxed, no matter what situation we find ourselves in. When wearing clothes that don’t reflect ourselves we tend to feel contrived, self-conscious, dressed up.

Some days we feel carefree and want our look to reflect this. Other days we may be more reserved and perhaps even feel a bit beleaguered or put upon. On either of these occasions we don’t want to wear either colors or styles that attract attention, even though we still want to look good. Our social requirements also vary. There are occasions, both special and routine, that call for different looks – days when we want or need to look dramatic, classic, natural, romantic, chic or creative. Two piece dresses can easily be converted based on the top you wear too. You can simply switch from the skirt to a pair of jeans as the night wears on if you feel more comfortable.

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