Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Make Up Notes

Make Up Notes
Hello again,

I am till confuse till today why many people spend so much money on make up. All you really need is your perfect skin foundation, concealer, and brush. I personally prefer other product compare to "Mac." I know many people love Mac however for me it makes my face chalky, breaks my face out, and oily. Most times I have Mac on, I feel like I have a lot of make up on when I only have a mild amount.
So ladies, instead of going to a Mac store , I prefer to go to Walgreen, Walmart, Rite Aid, shoppers, Giant, or Target. Stores like this have a very very affordable make up, just make sure you pick very carefully.  Personally, I prefer Maybeline line. They have a water base foundation and make your face feels like you have nothing on. 
Cover girl is also good, i'm in love with there  new concealer they carry, you can use it for about anything and everything and it costs like $4.59


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  1. A great skin is better than expensive makeup....I go for good quality makeup products but affordable
    The Beautiful Eagle


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