Saturday, February 28, 2015

Red Carpet Ready

This year has been such an insane year. The worse the weather is, the more I crave for colors. While watching the red carpet at home in my pajamas, I found it intriguing how certain look are constantly on celebrities. It’s almost like everyone starts playing it safe, and no one wants to take any risk.

I love dresses, if you guys look at my earlier posts you can see that dresses are something I have always looked forward to. So, I had the opportunity to write a review on a bridesmaid dress that I would wear to the Red Carpet in this stunning online shop, “Weddington Way.” Which by the way I can’t  comprehend why they are not blowing up the media in light of the fact that they have amazing dresses, at an extremely moderate cost, and pretty much any colors you can think of.  

Looking through thousand of dresses that Weddington Way have on their website, it was almost impossible to pick a favorite.  However, if I were to walk the Red Carpet, I would want to appear different and properly ended up on Fashion police as the best look on the carpet…haha

With any red bottoms shoe, you need a killer dress. This look is different than what you will see anyone normally wearing on the red carpet. The combination of Electric Blue and Blossom makes this look worthy of the red carpet. It is not traditional to something everyone would expect which is what makes this look remarkable.

Dress: The dress is a full-length bridesmaid in Sateen Twill. It features a sweetheart neckline, hi-low hem skirt with side pockets and 1.5" belt. Belt always matches the skirt color. This style comes in different colors and you even have the option for extra length. For the exact dress click Here  and Here

Shoe: This shoe is not make for walking, but since I am walking the red carpet all I need to do is pose. And since the front of my dress is shorter, I don’t have to worry about falling.
Clutch: A clear clutch always makes a statement, you always want something simple. Clear goes with everything. Here 
Jewelry: I would leave this part plain because I want more attention to the dress, the shoe, and the clutch.
Nails: a dark red nail polish would add some bold color to the outfit.
Makeup: With this look all you need is some mascara and red lipstick. You want your makeup to be natural but add some color to your lips and cheeks.
Hair: Sleek back your hair and you are ready…well…I’m ready 
With that said, this look is just to die for. With Weddington Way dresses which by the way if you click >>>> Weddington Way, you will have access to thousand  of dresses immediately.   Maybe you can share with me which dress you would wear to the Red Carpet.


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  1. Beautiful dresses, highly appreciate your sharing! It really gives us clear idea how to wear good on red carpets.


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