Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Little Black Dress

What a great way to hit the town with the ladies, a bodycon black dress with a little bit of sheerness, not a lot though is always empowering. You can never go wrong with pumps, my rule of thumb is nothing less than 5 inches. Another thing about bodycon dress or any other dresses for that fact is the length of the dress, knee length dress is perfect and makes me feel like a lady in the 50's, so this dress offers all in one inclusive. 

Just because the colder season is upon us does not mean that we can't still dress sexy,  adding a coat might not hurt either, and adding a yellow coat  and blue nails gave warmth and color. Winter never stops us from continuing our social lives and I wanted to style this outfit to reflect my personal style. Red lips when in doubt is always the way to go. Have a great day and thanks for listening.

Shop Similar Look Below... 

Shop Similar Look Below... 

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  1. great set
    Superb styling and heels perfectly matched to the whole

  2. WOW so so sexy, the lace details and this yellow coat is so sassy !!!

  3. Beautiful inspirational photos! :)
    kisses from Italy

  4. Gorgeous dress!
    And your body's amazing!!!

  5. Your body is just so amazing in that gorgeous dress.

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