I have been working strenuously in school and work I cannot wait till school is finished, yet on a side note, I feel confuse today. I think the right term to characterize my  emotions right now is frustration and furious. Keep in mind; do to others, as you require them to do to you. Remember, that when you make one of the biggest decision in your life and take that biggest step in your life know who you want to be part of it, because when it’s that persons turn s/he may possibly incorporate you or not incorporate you in their choice. Likewise, remember what decision you make will forever hold or break the bond you have with that person. Nevertheless, I feel super, great things to come. Enjoy the rest of your day. 

Greetings readers,
Today was a really glooming day. It has been difficult to take picture outside. The weather has been really cold and there is only about 1 hours of sun light outside so i am always on the lookout for the sun. With that said, when it finally stopped Raining today , i saw the opportunity to take a photo in this great outfit and yes ....
Love Love LADY GAGA new perfume line "FAME". Its a black liquid in a bottle, it start out spraying black and change to clear in air. Absolute perfection can't wait till it comes out.

She does know how to make a statement. The nude picture and nude little guys covering where need to be cover, I could not have thought about that. 

Lady GAGA will be on the cover of September VOGUE Magazine

She looks totally beautiful, totally defined.  

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