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Wearing this dress makes me feel like it's summer, I mean we are already in August, i should feel that it is summer by now. Wearing this dress definitely makes me feel like it the first day of summer. Enjoy the rest of your week. 

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I have been super busy nowadays. So many things going on at once and very little time. I feel like I am home bound, so because of this I had no choice but to take this photos on my balcony. Just overlook your surroundings and enjoy the pictures. I wore this Steve Madden shoe on my post previously here and here. The dress is custom made so I do not have a link to the site. I hope you guys have a great week. 

Hello guys,

I have so many pictures that i want to share, but i can;t remember which one i have shared in the past. Here is a picture i tool lost year. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Hi guys,

As you guys know I am always looking for chic, inexpensive, and great quality shoe assembles. One of my favorite new online store that I recently located is Zaful. Zaful is so affordable and offer various lively, hip, and chic complete outfit, including dresses, accessories, and shoes. But for the sake of keeping this post short I will focus on their PUMPS. Zaful currently have a Site-wide sale of UP to 54% off which ends at July 9th. While looking through their site I discover that they offer a wide range of style and colors. I found many diverse style PUMPS that I will share with you guys.  

Hey Guys, 
Today's' post is about one of my favorite fashion blogger Jadore-FashionOver my years of blogging, I have seen diverse fashion bloggers, however what I discover is numerous bloggers are very similar. To be a true fashion blogger you need to be unique and have something that not everyone has. One fashion blogger that definitely stands out is Stella. Stella is born in Enugu Nigeria with a Bachelors’ degree in Nursing and Master in Business and Finance. One thing that make Stella fascinating is her adoration for fashion. She does not only matches clothes in a manner you will never contemplate, yet it is so basic and chic. To be successful in anything you have to have love for what you do. So, what makes Jadore-Fashion one of a kind from different bloggers, Stella expressed that each bloggers are special in their own ways. For Stella she tries to stay true to who she is which is her brand, her image, and being consistent.
I took this picture a while ago, but never got a chance to post it. I got this dress on sale at Nordstrom, I can’t remember the exact amount, however, it was a great deal. This outfit is so flirty, it is something different than what I am use to. Once I put this dress on, it was hard to take it off. It is just pure fun. I hope you guys are having a great week, see you guys  soon. 

Hey guys, I am sorry I have been away for a while, it is getting close to final so I spend many of my time studying. I don’t even have time to do anything for myself. Here is another quick post. Hope you guys have a great week.
Here is a quick post. Have a great day
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Here are another quick headshot.
Have you ever wonder how to make your head shot picture standout, well here is 5 few quick tip. 

Hello, Guys and girls, how is your day going? Last Week was my final exam for this semester. 8 more weeks left and i am done, i can't wait, i can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I found this St. Johns Collection and when i saw this bad boys i love them instantly. The color and everything is so divine. To get a similar dress click HERE 
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Here is a quick post on how to keep your skin glowing and your makeup looking flawless every time.
Good day lovely readers,

I am ready for spring and it seems that spring is in delay this year. I can’t believe that we actually has snow yesterday. I am just ready for summer. 
Another year and Another day

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