Friday, October 26, 2018

How to Style a Floral Blouse for Fall 2018

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I'm back again for another must have look. But first let's talk about this DMV weather. It's sometime cold and other times very warm, please make up your mind, I have places to go and people to see so I can't afford to get sick . 

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Floral prints and blossoms are usually associated with spring fashion mood boards, but fashion trends for fall 2018, thus far, have been successful in breaking the predictable seasonal styling monotony. It was refreshing to see blossoms and flowers showcased on the ramp with vibrant pops of colors like teal, zinc, magenta and even raspberry pink.

This fall appropriate top from Tomgfashion is a trendy high neck full sleeves blouse with intricate floral patterns in teal, grey and maroon and decided to recreate one of the more out-there, experimental and bold runway inspired fall fashion look that could be pulled off as an easy everyday go-to style for many. I paired the floral blouse with a ruffle figure-hugging midi skirt in teal; I love the silhouette because it emphasizes my curves in the most flattering way ever. I also appreciate the fact that this skirt has this matching belt at the top of the waist with a gold accent buckle. A dash of gold, for me personally, ties an entire outfit together in a lavishly elegant manner.

The ruffles of the skirt aren’t very loud or crazy– a fact I learnt to appreciate with time. They complement the casual floral blouse in a playfully feminine chic way. The length of the skirt is also business formal appropriate and good enough for me to flaunt my classic pointed toe heels. I picked a pair of heels with a sunset Siena fall vibe with an addition of peacock color palette on the sides. I think it complemented the teal in my dress very well. Also, sunset orangish shades are cult classic fall fashion trends, which you can just effortlessly add in here. Animal prints in accessories – specially snake skin or tigress skin patterns in shoes is one of the leading fashion trends for Fall and I like the fact how the pair of shoes I picked had a faint texture, somewhat mimicking the same trend.

For rest of the accessories – I picked up matching tassel earrings to add a little pizazz and drama and a gorgeous pair of oversized square sunglasses for a retro vibe. The floral blouse has full sleeves so for my arm candy I decided to pick this chic medium-sized black satchel bag with hints of teal and red a big gold chain to complement the gold accent buckle of my skirt.
I hope you like my everyday chic work-friendly fall look. What do you think about this look, will you rock this look for Fall. 




  1. You look incredible in that skirt. Your style is so unique. I saw you on instagram walking about in this outfit and you look so sexy in that video. I hope you keep making the videos. You look really hot in the penultimate pic too. ;) x x x

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