Monday, September 3, 2018

Top and Ruffle Set

As Summer comes to an end, I must say that I will miss wearing this gorgeous set. As you all know I have my own online store, however Shein as been one of those online stores that I started my very first collaboration with. They have a lot of casual styles and they are very affordable. I paired this look with a lace tie heel, however a simple sandal will do just fine. I'm wearing a medium in this set, it fits perfectly to my body and it's just so fun to wear. How would you style this?  I hope you enjoy the post.
Get this look below!!!
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Get this look below!!!

Tomgfashion store is having a Sale!!!


  1. Your legs look amazing in this!! And your smile in that third pic is really pretty! ;) ;) Really. Enjoy the rest of your week beautiful. x x x

  2. The design of this lotus-leaf suit is amazing. I like the stripes. You look sexy on it.
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