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10 ways to update your little black dress

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Hello there!

There are couple ways to update your little black dress, which is an essential MUST have in any closet. There is no way to dress this dress down, however you can definitely add to it. THEREFORE, I have here for you 10 ways to update your little black dress.
 1.       Add a statement necklace; you can never go wrong with a great necklace piece.
2.       Add a bomber or leather jacket; this just gives your entire outfit another perspective.
3.       Include a metal belt, gold, silver, red, or in my case, I incorporated a black and gold belt, however other metal belt will bring the entire outfit to life. This is also the perfect way to show off your gorgeous figure.
4.       You can add a long colorful coat to your outfit.
5.       You can add layers to this outfit, like a mesh or fishnet bodysuit to change the entire look. Please do this in moderation.


6.       Add a statement clutch or handbag.
7.       Add a sunglasses, anyone will do, in this case Oversize shade works just fine.
8.       To add extra warmth in the winter, add polka dot tights--- this work wonders. In addition, a great knee length boot will work fine as well.
9.       You can also include a hat, you already have the sunglasses on anyway, might as well go all the way. 

10.   Add some feathers….of course not real feathers…please don’t go around haunting birds for feathers but I mean the one you can purchase from the store.  Add some Feathers to your outfit, hair, use it as a hat, brooch feathers or just a brooch-, which is another accessory that will update your style. Chicmastyle does this so well, I want to shop in her closet.

 Well there you have it. 10 ways to update your little black dress. I want to hear from you. How would you style this look? Comment below.

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