Friday, March 9, 2018

Midi Bodycon

Friday is here....the weather has been crazy lately, I can't tell you how freezing cold it is and on top of that, how windy it is which make everything 10 times colder. Imagine how I was dying taking these photos outside. I could only pose for about 5 min before I had to run back into the car to get some heat. Story of my life as a blogger during winter time, however that is a story for another time. Obviously, with this outfit, I will pair it with a huge fur and I will definitely be driving wherever I’m going. This dress demands attention and it shows off your curves, so If you are looking for a sexy black dress, this is a must have in your closet. One thing I really like about this dress is the length. I believe you can be stylish, but elegant at the same time. You do not have to put on a super mini outfit to feel sexy. I personally adore knee length dresses.

 I incorporated a black rose and a back string heel. The peekaboo cut on each side gave this look a chicness and added a little fun. In addition, adding sunglasses never hurt. You can dress this up or down by adding a knee length boot, pump heels, or sandals. Just have fun with whatever you are wearing.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Shop Similar Looks 


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