Monday, January 1, 2018

Boyfriend Denim Jacket

 Happy NEW YEAR!!!
Such a wonderful year 2017 was. I can't believe it already 2018. I would like to thank you guys, because without you there will not be a tomgfashion. One of my major supporter in 2017 is Shein, which is why I will like to start off this year in a Shein Boyfriend Denim Jacket I paired with a bodycon mini dress and a red bottom pump. For some reason, I feel like 2017 went by really fast. I got married last year which might have contributed to the reason 2017 was a short year for me due to the wedding planning. With this said, I feel like you will be seeing me in a lot of shades this year. I am beginning to love them, sun or no sun, the sunglasses will always be on. I hope you guys had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

Behind the scene: I will not lie to you, I was freaking cold talking this photo. Fashion bloggers never discuss about what they go through to get that perfect shot but,'s not easy at all. I had to take a cold medication before I started shooting because I already knew I was going to freeze my ass off. I took about three different looks. I had four looks ready but, oh boy...I could not make it to the fourth look.  

Enjoy the Post!!!

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