Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer - Quick Wedding Talk

With full blown summer, it's only polite to wear something bright and fun. This pant fabric is very light and comfortable for the summer. I made this top about a couple months ago and it goes so well with this pant. So I'm about to get side track and have a little talk about "the wedding."
With the wedding being this year, I feel like I still have a lot to do. Any advice on how to calm my nerves? I will say that I want to do things my way and two things I've been accused of is not accepting assistance as needed and frequently changing my mind. I just want that day to be what I've dreamed about. I know that I am not the typical traditional bride. For instance, I like the color black, which many people may frown upon. I will advise every bride out there to keep their group small when planning their big day. The more people involved in your wedding, the more frustrated you will be. I learn about this early on and my stress level is amazingly low. Keep in Mind, it's your day. Happy Sunday!!!
What do you think? Any advise?

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  2. You look great
    Great styling

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