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The first day of spring is Tuesday March 20, 2018. We are less than two months away. I'm ready for spring this year, this winter was brutal. I love bold yet neutral colors like this pale pink and colorful top. I added a nude sunglasses, flush pink waist belt, this colorful mini bag , and a nude pump. 

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It's that time of the year again. Love is in the air. Featuring today is this inexpensive yet chic flounce dress. Valentine is right around the corner and this is the prefect dress to the date night with the hubby or that awesome boyfriend. I incorporated a simple gold choker necklace and a multi-color pump. You can add a nice sunglasses to add drama, waist belt, or a gold brooch like I did in the case. Also, this flounce one shoulder slit dress is only $27 dollar here.

Welcome back guys, 
Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend. The only thing I hate about Sundays is- you guessed it-tomorrow is Monday. Oh, how I hate Mondays. I think we should only have to work 4 days a week and we should get 3 days off. I took advantage of this spring like weather to get this shot. My photographer is my 10 year old niece so I'm only limited to shooting on weekends because she goes to school during the week.

Hello Guys,

It's Thursday, I have been meaning to post this look and yet again I am late. I bought this top from Rainbow, I think it was about $7 (a steal), I love the fact that it is over size and just fun. Incorporating a skinny jean brings out them legs 😉. I added my new favorite shoe and yes, we are live. I am also loving my new hair, I actually don't remember where I got it from but if you must know, please comment below and I will put in an extra effort to locate where I got them from and the designer. It was freezing when I took this shot, but honestly, I'm ready for Spring and Summer. I refuse to do a winter look this year 😉, maybe one or two. But stay tune, February is going to be all red. Like literally all RED 💖💖💖. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page for more awesome daily posts.

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Hello Guys,

Thank you for stopping by. I bought this dress a while back and i'm  happy to be finally posting this look. There are different ways to wear a velvet dress. This dress reminds me of that little black dress everyone should own in their closets. And this is also an alternative approach compare to the general black dress. Another way to stand out is to add accessories, accessories makes a huge different with any outfit. For this look I paired it with a box clutch and waist belt, over size sunglasses, and Oversize Fur coat. 
 Happy NEW YEAR!!!
Such a wonderful year 2017 was. I can't believe it already 2018. I would like to thank you guys, because without you there will not be a tomgfashion. One of my major supporter in 2017 is Shein, which is why I will like to start off this year in a Shein Boyfriend Denim Jacket I paired with a bodycon mini dress and a red bottom pump. For some reason, I feel like 2017 went by really fast. I got married last year which might have contributed to the reason 2017 was a short year for me due to the wedding planning. With this said, I feel like you will be seeing me in a lot of shades this year. I am beginning to love them, sun or no sun, the sunglasses will always be on. I hope you guys had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hello Guys... I hope everyone is doing great and preparing for the Christmas holiday. Well at this time i'm ready. Christmas is one of the happiest time of the year to me. I get to spend the holiday with my family. Today's post is about a simple white turtle neck with velvet skirt and bow tie heels. I added one of my favorite shade from Sunglass LA, old necklace from NY & Company, and fur jacket. Stay warm out there, I heard this winter will be brutal. 

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Hello and Welcome back, 

Hello everyone, excuse my absence but for YX reasons I wasn’t able to post on the blog like I wanted to. So many things got in the way, with the cold weather in full swing I found myself with less time to blog, however things are slowly getting back to normal
Something about this look feels refreshing and chic. For the holidays, red is such a typical color and one thing I wanted to do was to try something different (how about ALL BLACK). I would have never thought of having a white hair, but now, I can't wait to try pink, blue, and all the other colors in the rainbow. 

Welcome back!!!!

I'm married and I'm ready for Chapter 2. Everything about the wedding is coming soon to the blog, so stay tune. Fall is semi here and for some of us it's already full blown Fall. I have many photos  I took before the wedding which is coming to the blog soon. These are photos I took about a month before the wedding and I've been meaning to publish them, however I'm just getting to it now.

Hello Loves,

You can not believe how long I have been meaning to post this photos. I keep walking to no where, but doing it in style.  First, how is your Friday? Work has been merciless to me and by Wednesday I'm looking forward to the weekend. It is currently  hard to post more often because I've been busy with the wedding preparation. Enjoy your weekend.
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