Blue striped shirt with print skirt had to be the ultimate wear. This is why I am starting this Month with this terrific yet simple look. There's a clever mixture of technique at work here - I would have never thought to add a print bottom with a striped shirt turned into "off the shoulder top". This technique is simple yet clean. I love the entire outfit, adding the hair piece completed this look. Adding my sunglass from Sunglass LA kicked it up a notch.

Here is something different to start off part of your week - as a big fan of hugh sleeves, especially when they are extravagant, I am still drooling over this top. Not only is this bell sleeves top fun and versatile, the bell sleeves details makes it unique. 

Hey Guys,

Sorry I have been a no show. I have been so busy with "The Wedding stuff" and it's hard to juggle that plus a full time job. Exciting things to come.  Another shade by Sunglass.LA, this PEARL DECORATED SMALL METAL FRAME ROUND SUNGLASSES ties the entire look together. Have a great day. 😇

Another black outfit, I really can't tell you why I've been into dark colors lately,  I think it's because of the cold weather. Not much to say about today's post except I'm rocking another sunnies by Sunglass LA, at this point I am officially obsessed with them. Enjoy your weekend. 

Not a lot to say about this post. Off the shoulder and choker seems to be staying with us a little longer than anticipated. I combined this black pump, and we all know this pump goes with literally everything. I incorporated a choker which accompanied the top to complete this look. I hope you have a great day.  

Stop the traffic and everything in sight. I love things out of the norm. Incorporating this sexy cocktail tube dress with my lust for life pump and silver leaf belt made this look perfect....and yess " the black fur". If you are new to my blog, "Welcome" and those of you that have been following me for a while you all know that I'm getting married this year. I have to say there is so much to cover for just one day, in my case two days event.  Here is another sunnies I received from Sunglass.LA. I am obsessed with them at this point, they have everything you need to remain chic. My instagram and Snapchat account usually gives a hint on what is to come on the blog. Links below ↓ Enjoy your day.

Hope your day is going well. Here is my wishlist from Shein. You all know stripes never fades. I pretty much added everything you will need to complete an entire ensemble for an affordable price. Thoughts? Click on each image for link. 

When I took this picture it felt like summer so I could not let this opportunity escape. As we all know, Valentine day is around the corner, for this look I wanted to stay away from the typical puffy skirt or red/ pink valentine color, which seems to be the norm for valentine days. Todays post features a classic yet chic date night look that can be worn to the movies or a formal event.

What a great way to hit the town with the ladies, a bodycon black dress with a little bit of sheerness, not a lot though is always empowering. You can never go wrong with pumps, my rule of thumb is nothing less than 5 inches. Another thing about bodycon dress or any other dresses for that fact is the length of the dress, knee length dress is perfect and makes me feel like a lady in the 50's, so this dress offers all in one inclusive. 

I don't remember the last time I'm not in some sort of stilettos in my photos or jeans. For some reason, I find Jeans to be very uncomfortable. I hate the way they restrict my skin and I feel like my skin can not get a breath of fresh air. If your are looking for something comfortable, just throw on a comfy jeans and an oversize sweater and you are ready to go. The great thing about this look  is you can put this ensemble together with little to no effort. I added a funky boot to complete the look.

Just came back from New York. It has been crazy, as you all know we have a new President. I wore this outfit to my cousin's white wedding last month and it came out amazing. I obtained a bodysuit from Charlotte Russe and cut out the purple flowers, strategically glued it to the top and drum roll please, it's magic. Underneath, I wore a nude tube top bra to tie the look with the skirt. I incorporated Rachel Zoe pump to complete the look. I have decided to go longer with my hair and added some bangs. The skirt was made in Africa. Nothing else to report at this time. Let me know how your day is going.
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